If you are looking forward to decorating your home, keeping an Indoor plant as home decor is probably the greatest option you can go for. Indoor plants are a fantastic way to liven up your surroundings, and add a touch of freshness to your home. On top of that, these Air purifying indoor plants uplift the aesthetic of your luxury home. Not only are they less effort, but indoor flowering plants are pocket-friendly, with the bonus of being healthy for your mind and body.

Keeping plants in your house both indoor plants and outdoor plants makes the space more calm, fresh, and lively. Other than that, Air purifying indoor plants boosts your mood and productivity as well. Indoor plants for home not only bring color and life into your room but also reduce stress levels.

Snake Plants

Snake Plants are one of the easiest growing common and the best indoor house plants at home is the snake plant. Rising from its roots in straight, almost sword-like leaves, the Snake Plant is a great Air purifying indoor plant. It’s a great chemical and carbon dioxide absorber making it a great Indoor plant for oxygen it takes in chemicals from personal care products and releases oxygen as well. You can add these house plants as their look has a modern appeal adding an effortless beauty to any space!

You can place them in your bedroom, include these as Living room indoor plants or add these as one of the elements in your list of small bathroom decor ideas and these adaptable house plants will adjust perfectly. It won’t be incorrect to say that these Air purifying indoor plants are one of the most popular and common indoor plants in India.

Peace Lily

Peace Lilly is an indoor plant that makes excellent houseplants for the home or office. When it comes to indoor plants for home or office, peace lily plants are some of the easiest to care for. These lovely Indoor flowering plants not only brighten up living space but are also excellent at cleaning the air of the room they are in. Most commonly, these Air purifying indoor plants have dark green leaves and white “flowers.”  which are actually specialized leaf bract that grows hooded over the flowers.

The fragrant flowers on these Living room indoor plants are great to calm you down at the end of another stressful day.Thanks to their small size, Peace lilies are great decor for study tables or coffee tables. These Living room indoor plants exude a refreshing fragrance and light up any dull space in the home. Considered the Best indoor plants, these are dark green plants with a great positive aura for your home and family.

These are one of the small house plants for home with multiple benefits and value addition to the decor at home. The Peace Lilies are Air purifying indoor plants that need very little sunlight and watering and grow well in almost all climates and temperatures.

Money plant

Money plant is one of the most common house plants in India used by a number of Indian households that can adjust to almost all types of climate and topographical situations. There’s a lot of tradition associated with these Indoor plants for home, that it brings prosperity and luck, and this by itself makes it the best indoor plant of choice for Indian homes.

The heart-shaped leaves of these Indoor plants are beautiful to look at, and the vines can grow to long lengths. You can decorate your window ceilings, balcony railings, etc with these beautiful heart-shaped leafy indoor plants.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm can be used as both indoor and outdoor house plants. These are some common house plants that need little attention and care for growth. This non-toxic, toxin-filtering plant is perfect for Indian households. Areca palms are Air purifying indoor plants as these indoor plants break down carbon monoxide and chemicals often found in paints and fuels and can brighten up just about any corner of your home.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the Best indoor plant that absorbs toxins emitting from paints, cleaning products, wood and paper products, and even fuel. These thick, gel-filled fronds of the Aloe Vera plant thrive in indoor settings. You can use the gel for beauty and health purposes, and it’s particularly maintenance-free. These Living room indoor plants are well known for their aesthetic and Ayurvedic properties. These indoor plants for home will need a sunny window and very little water only when the soil is dry.


Lavenders are Indoor flowering plants that add color, mild fragrance, and repel insects, from your space. On top of that, these best indoor plants are good for your beauty regimen too. It may not fall under the traditional houseplant category, but if grown under proper conditions these house plants can grow pretty nicely. As these Indoor flowering plants thrive in sunny climes like India, it is advised to place indoor lavender plants near a bright south-facing window.


The strong and distinct leaf shapes give succulents striking textures that transform them into living sculptures for living rooms. Going for some unique-looking succulents can make your rooms look better, also, they are low-maintenance and the easiest house plants to grow. They are the best indoor plants because they are adapted to survive dry conditions. When we talk about succulents, we’re talking about a wide range of indoor plants for home. From petite to sprawling, terrarium-dwelling to outdoor-ready, beginner-friendly to advanced greenery, there’s a type for everyone.


Even though cacti are well known for their love of sunlight, many thrive as indoor plants. These indoor plants like cacti appreciate dry air and average room temperatures. Although some sun is necessary for the health of these Indoor plants for home, many species can get by for three hours a day, and supplementary lighting can help specimens living in north-facing windows. Indoor cacti tend to need less light and are comparatively smaller in size, making them the best indoor houseplant. A happy cactus may even surprise you with vibrant blooms which is a bonus for indoor plants that already thrill with otherworldly shapes and spiny textures.

The above list of the Indoor plants names is a great option to spruce up your living space with some green friends. There are hundreds of options to find the house plants that are most compatible with your lifestyle and living space. Get ready to elevate your luxury home with the best indoor plants and be a plant parent!