Built with the motive to offer bequest of innovation, faith, and remarkable customer experience, Motiaz Group presents the best ready-to-move-in flats in Zirakpur, Harmony Greens. Harmony greens, an exclusive residential assignment in Zirakpur strives to offer you a luxurious lifestyle in the shadow of nature, away from the busy life of the city covering the forest area of approx.

300 acres of the plot. A delightful beginning of life welcomes you amidst the exuberant greenery. The best ready-to-move-in flats in Zirakpur provide exclusively built spacious and efficient 3/3+1/5+1 BHK options having a yard area of about 195-337. Harmony greens also offer modernized and top-notch amenities to its clients.

Exclusively decored homes surrounded by exuberant greenery provide all crucial necessities in the region accompanied by high connectivity to 200 ft. wide PR7 road which connects Chandigarh, Mohali, and Zirakpur to International Airport. Residing close to nature, allows you to observe all the remarkable elements and cherish them from the deep heart that makes you feel fresh and self-healed.

The price range of this luxurious residential project lies between rs. 58  lac-61 lac. Floor plans of the best ready-to-move-in flats in Zirakpur(Harmony Greens) are the finest way to learn how the rooms of the flats are structured that provide a crystal clear picture of the home layout. The flats of Harmony Greens are available in one configuration and varied layouts.

The Harmony Greens (best ready to move in flats ) comes up with the following top-notch amenities:

1. Low Rise- with S+4 concept

The best ready-to-move-in flats in Zirakpur, Harmony greens is categorised as low rise building with an S+4 concept. This implies that it is designed and structured up to 4 storeys with a height less than 35 metres or 115 feet. It is shorter than the high rise apartments and divided into regular floor levels.

2. 1 Lift for 8 Flats

The high-rise building facilitates the residents of eight flats with one lift. Providing lifts in avenues is of utmost necessity. The lifts of the Harmony Greens are exclusively spacious and can carry at least 11 people at a time with a total weight not exceeding 500 kg. The lifts in the building also have power backup so that no one gets trapped in the lift in the absence of electricity.

3. It Covers 300 Acres of land

The best ready-to-move-in flats, Harmony Greens covers about 300 acres of forest land that makes it vast among all. Covering such a wide area of the forest provides natural exposure to the residents that help them to meditate and relax away from the rush of the city.

4. Double connectivity to PR-7, Airport road

The high-rise building possesses double connectivity to the PR-7 wide road which connects Zirakpur to the International Airport, thereby facilitating the conveyance of the residents.

5. Lifetime Free Meditation at B.K Meditation Centre

The residents of the Harmony Greens can enjoy free meditation for a lifetime at the well-experienced centre, called B.K Meditation centre. The experts of the centre provide personalized service to the residents. They also offer them popular books on meditation to educate the residents about the meditation process.

6. Wide Internal roads

Harmony Greens also have a wide internal road having a width of about 64 accompanied by the footpath, where residents can walk freely. The widened roads provide substantial space for vehicles to drive in, thereby eliminating the possibility of traffic.

7. Well wrapped stilt parking zone

Best ready to move in flats, Harmony Greens provides an exclusive parking area that is well structured and is covered with stilt. The area of parking is spacious, where the resident can park their cars without any hassle. Each avenue contains separate parking zones.

8. Open Air Amphitheatre

An Amphitheatre is an open-air venue used for entertainment, performances, and sports. The Harmony greens are best at flaunting amphitheatre facilities to its residents. It contains sloping seating arrangements with a capacity of at least 1000-1500 people.

9. Power Backup

This is non-adjustable, especially if you reside in a city known for power outages. However, being a wonderful city Zirakpur is not prone to power cuts, yet the builder of Harmony Greens ensures that the building must contain power backup facilities. This will eliminate even the single chance of panicking in a state of emergency.

10. Biometric Locks on the main door

The Harmony Greens is structured with a tight security system in the avenues containing biometric locks on the main gate that makes it one of the best ready to move in flats as it ensures the security of every resident in the building. It also hired at least two to three guards for each avenue, thereby making no compromise with the security of residents.

11. Ambulance services

The best ready-to-move-in flats Zirakpur offers 24*7 ambulance services. This essential medical amenity provided by Motiaz groups comforts the residents. It ensures that no resident would face a medical crisis in a state of emergency. Therefore, Harmony greens also take care of residents’ health.

12. Free Club House

The luxurious building also possesses a free clubhouse which is backed with innovative indoor games for children, a spacious hall for small events, and fully furnished and comfortable chairs. The decor of the clubhouse is modernized and eye-catching, thereby making it the most comfortable place to relax.

13. Surrounds by exuberant greenery

As it is constructed surrounding the forest area, it possesses lush greenery all around the building offering its residents the natural climate to enjoy. This grants them an opportunity to inhale fresh air every day away from the polluted air of the city.

14. Provides well-designed Kids play area and jogging track

The building provides its residents with a spacious park for kids to play enfolded with artificial grass. It contains all the outdoor games including, seesaw, ladder toss, swingset, basketball, and so on. It also provides a jogging track made up of matt tiles, where people can jog every day comfortably.


If you are looking for a luxurious apartment in Zirakpur, Harmony Greens serves you the best!

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