Before starting with the Role Of Vastu In Buying Properties we need to learn some basics.

What is Vastu Shastra? 

Vastu Shastra is accurately the science of architecture, these are the ancient concepts and knowledge of Indian traditional architecture which describe the fundamentals of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and dimensional geometry. They represent general guidelines and not some rigid regulation to modern architecture. In simple words, Vastu mainly focuses on the direction of living space together with combining all five elements of nature to create a favorable atmosphere for the residents.

How Vastu Shastra Plays An Important Role In Buying Homes?

Role Of Vastu In Buying Properties. You may find yourself asking the question that does Vastu really matters? We are here to help you with explaining the Role Of Vastu In Buying Properties. Vastu is basically tried and tested method of architectural guidance. It may not be necessary for living but it is definitely important for a better and healthy living. These principles help the inhabitants to experience peace, prosperity, happiness, and soundness of health contributing to their blissful living.

Principles of Vastu are presently licensed to be the strong study of architecture. This explains why Vastu Shastra is not only important but is also an unavoidable need for every person wanting to buy or build a house by purchasing a new plot of land or a new readymade home. Real Estate developers take great care of Vastu Shastra while building a new property.

A recent project by Motia’z i.e. Harmony Greens which are totally Vastu compatible and the best residential flats in Zirakpur offering several amenities. These are the best luxury flats in Zirakpur. They constitute the best 3 BHK flats in Zirakpur and the best 5 BHK flats in Zirakpur.

Is Vastu Shastra Really Effective?

Vastu holds quite a lot of value in our healthy living. However certain individuals hold confusion and misconception regarding this study of architectural design, in any case, it doesn’t water down its significance by any means. Vastu isn’t only a study of building a property, moreover, it is an association with the ancient science advancing happy and blissful living. It is a study of architecture, dependent on its tendency of advancing plans and ideas in regards to the buying and building of a house, building, plot, etc.

This thesis further approves the significance of Vastu as a great supporter of our home by guaranteeing its joy, harmony, and consistent progression of positive grandiose energy all through its encompassing so occupants experience delightful living. You can enjoy living in peace and harmony with Vastu-compatible flats at Harmony Greens in Zirakpur. Harmony Greens are the best luxury flats in Zirakpur.

Role of Vastu in Buying Properties

Role Of Vastu In Buying Properties. Vastu is an ancient guide to positive homes, It is quite necessary to learn about the role of Vastu before buying or building any property. Considering Vastu friendly layout brings home positivity and good natural energy for the members residing there. 

While it’s not possible to implement all the rules and guidelines of Vastu while buying a property, it is beneficial to maintain your property as Vastu compatible as much as possible. We are here to assist you with some key Vastu do’s and don’ts which you shouldn’t ignore while buying a property,

  • Starting from the most important part of the house the entrance, which should be East Facing. Refrain from buying south-facing homes. The main door should always be in the north, north-east, east, or west, as these directions are considered auspicious.
  • All the corners of the house should be intact and without any cuts.
  • The staircases should always be clockwise. South-west is the ideal direction for stairs.
  • Avoid bedrooms facing North, it is said to bring bad dreams and negative vibes. East, or southwest direction is preferable for placing the headboard of the bed. It must be clutter-free.
  • The kitchen and bathrooms should not be located in the North-East direction of the house. The ideal place for the placement of the kitchen is the South-East direction as it is believed that God of fire ‘Agni’ prevails in this direction.  
  • The dining room influences the entire family as it is where everybody eats together. The ideal spot to set up your feasting table is on the northwest side of the kitchen or room.
  • The colors scheme for the house significantly affects the mood of the house, is advised to keep the walls light or pastel colors and it should be well lit as dark colors bring negative energy.
  • As far as study is concerned, it is advised to place your study table in the north or east direction. This placing helps in improving concentration. 
  • Keeping potted plants in the house can help overcome the negative energy, but keep in mind to avoid thorny plants such as cacti. You can go for some auspicious plants like Tulsi or Money plant as it is known to bring prosperity.
  • This may very well be an exceptionally basic Vastu tip that works really adequately. You should simply add a few models or artistic creations to your homes. These enriching things should show living things like blossoms, dawn, or creatures. This can prompt positive energy inside your property. Avoid adding demons or monstrous structures.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra

  • Since Vastu Shastra are basically some principles and guidelines for architecture, it helps in making the best use of space. Following Vastu placements will give you the best output for the available space.
  • Opting for a Vastu-compatible property will give you that mental peace and relaxation you desire. Vastu can positively furnish individuals with the psychological help and the solace they need when they are attempting to get through some awful or irksome time.
  • If the Vastu principles are correctly applied, it can also bring some positive effects on the financial status of the inhabitants by unblocking your fate to golden opportunities.
  • A Vastu-compatible house brings growth and prosperity to its residents. Regardless of whether you look for an advancement or accomplishment in your work/profession or need to go an additional mile in your scholastic interest, following Vastu will assist you with extending your viewpoint, with development and achievement coming in extraordinary measures in your picked field of movement. This is the actual force of Vastu that empowers you to encounter a progression of brilliant possibilities that your life offers you!
  • Vastu also helps in improving your relationships with other people. Vastu helps to neutralize the negative elements and strengthen your relationship with others.
  • On the off chance that you notice that your living space is the place of fight and hopelessness and it is at this point, not an agreeable space that it used to be, it is a result of Vastu flaws in your property. Opting for a Vastu-compatible property will eventually lead you to a happy life.
  • Vastu is all about strength be it physical or mental. It eventually gives you what you need to live a happy life. One can certainly learn a lot about a happy life through Vastu.
Motiaz harmony greens

Harmony Greens – Vastu Friendly Flats In real estate, Vastu has become a very important factor, and almost every project by a developer is based on the proper Vastu guidelines. Motia group’s recent luxury residential project Harmony Greens is also based on these Vastu guidelines giving you the experience of modern amenities with a euphoric lifestyle. Harmony Greens is the best residential flats in Zirakpur.

They constitute the best 3 BHK flats in Zirakpur and the best 5 BHK flats in Zirakpur. Offering a lot of amenities, Harmony Greens is known as the best luxury flats in Zirakpur. Vastu is important science to be considered before buying and building properties and Harmony Greens not only offer various internal and external features but also is greatly Vastu friendly. They are indeed the best flats in Zirakpur.

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